Phet Forces and Motion Basics Computer Lab


This is a great lab to begin the exploration of the world of forces on objects! The lab consists of 5 worksheets that conceptually guide the student through the exploration of forces, unbalanced forces, net forces, static and dynamic equilibrium, friction, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and acceleration.



This lab works well on both iPads and PCs. These Phet lab worksheets work in conjunction with the Phet computer simulations developed by the University of Colorado. The website is
This lab is designed for middle and high school science classes. It is specifically designed for physics, but the concepts also apply to physical science and general science. It should take roughly 50 minutes or so to complete, depending on how well students stay on-task and focused. This is designed as a self-directed lab, with easy to follow instructions and plenty of pictures to help guide young minds. The lab is 5 pages long with a good mix of 28 higher-order thinking and more fundamental questions.

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