Liquid Density Column Chemistry Lab


This two-day lab introduces students to the concept of density and how it is different than mass. Students will obtain the mass and volume of specific objects and learn how to calculate density first-hand. They will also make a liquid density column to demonstrate the density of various liquids and where objects will settle in them.



On Day 1, students will take 4 objects (wood stick, marble, crayon, and a pasta piece) and make predictions as to their density. They will then find their actual densities and explain why their predictions were either correct or incorrect. On Day 2, students will use the actual densities of the objects to make predictions as to where they will end up when placed into a student-made liquid density column.
This lab is perfect for general science, physical science, and chemistry. Both middle and high school students will enjoy this fun lab. The lab is designed to run about two days, averaging 45-50 minutes per day.

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